Hydro cup - Cuspated Sub Soil Drainage Cells

JKD Aquaduct is a lightweight, high strength, interlocking module that provides both effective sub-soil drainage and water storage for podium gardens, roof top gardens, planter boxes and landscaped decks .

Itoffers numerous advantages over conventional brick - bat - gravel drainage systems. It is installed directly onto the waterproofed concrete slab. No trained labor is required to install these easy to fixmodular panels. In a day, a pair of worker can lay around 500 square meters of draincells.

Hydrocup Draincells 30 mm


Item : Hydrocup draincells 30

Size : 453mm x 453mm

Height : 30mm

Weight :<3.2kg/m2

colour: black

material: polypropylene(pp)

compressive strength:>100 t/ sq m

Biological / Chemical Resistant : Inert

Discharge Capacity : 350 lit./min @1% Gradient



  1. Thoroughly clean waterproofed concrete slab 
  2. Install JKD Aquaduct drainage panels 
  3. Spread Geotextile filter fabric on top of JKD Aquaduct 
  4. Spread a layer of coarse sand
  5.  Fill the planting mixture above the sand
  6. Proceed with the Landscaping : Grass, Plants & Trees



  • Green Roofs
  • Landscaped decks 
  • Podium & Roof Top Gardens 
  • Planter boxes 
  • Paved areas & Wooden decks 
  • Sports fieldsRetaining and basement walls 
  • Floriculture & Horticulture – Plant Stands 
  • Roof Cooling Systems
  • Golf course

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